Loving the best in people.

Why is it we always assume the worst in people? I always envy the people that lovingly take everyone in openly on the first meeting. Where does this come from? I blame to many years in corporate society, where everyone is willing to do anything to get somewhere. This can turn many people into a bitter, jaded, seemingly heartless human. After emptying the last bit of soft serve ice cream in my fridge this is what I am contemplating. We see this everyday, once I helped a lady in a wheelchair in the supermarket who dropped her purse to pick it up, only to be looked at like I was trying to steal it. So where does this instinct come from? This is not even towards strangers, our friends, family, significant others sometimes do this to us or vice versa. Like the most of our anxiety I believe this comes from fear. Fear of being hurt, physically or emotionally. Somewhere along the way we have been let down by this person so when given the chance, revert back to our old patterns of thought. One of my yoga instructors once explained our thoughts are like records, we keep repeating them over and over is some way until we consciously change them. We can not change our patterns until we are aware of them. Being present in the moment, when a feeling comes up, sit with it. It is in these moments that we have the choice and opportunity to change our patterns. Realize your thoughts and emotions, acknowledge them and then let them go. Consciously make a decision without sitting in the fear.

Tomorrow when someone you know says or physically does something that makes you doubt them, ask why and maybe just give them the benefit of the doubt. If we are working to change why can’t someone else? Maybe we are doubting them due to experiences with someone else, choose to leave that in the past, live in today.



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