Hello world!

I have started this page for many reasons. Primarily in a world of chaos we are all trying to find our way. Over a year ago I started on a path to revamp my life. Where it has lead me I couldn’t be happier. Through many trials and errors I am still trying to swim but in a more balanced way.

Finding balance in life can be challenging. Is there ever really balance? Just when you think you have figured out one aspect, something else comes along. In my journey I have become a yoga instructor and embarking in my first position at a wellness clinic. I draw inspiration from everywhere and have decided to share with everyone.

From an aspiring yogi ( I’ll explain at another point), to crazy foodie, learning to ride a bike, make efforts to be more green, and figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and balancing home and work, I will take you all over the place. Stop by, grab a coffee or tea and enjoy. Most of all I’m always up for suggestions or new inspiration.

I hope in some way I can bring a smile to your face or just help forget the day.

Ciao for now.



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