Take care of yourself first

The past couple of months have been a roller coaster. When you learn someone close to you is an addict, everything seems to come crumbling down. Fear becomes your new best friend, not to mention how do you learn to trust again. After reading, my friend google, and counseling, it all leads back to the same yellow brick road. Take care of yourself first. The analogy that seems to keep reappearing is when on a plane they always show to put your mask on first then help others. Ok, I get the point. Even against my deepest fears of leaving my loved one alone I truck right back to my yoga studio. It is here were the work really happens.
You know your in trouble when 5 mins into class the instructor stops, says that you are holding onto something and need to release the energy, followed by an hour of heart opening postures. there are two phrases that have stuck with me since. Relax, the choices you are making are right, go with them. Right or wrong this reminds me to trust in the universe. Non-attachment, one of the hardy things to learn. Things always do change all we can do is deal with what we have and move on. Positive energy attracts positive, if in our darkest hours we can offer our issues to the universe, we can believe in being able to handle what may come. Second, remember to always have fun, find that inner child. After two days of crying in practice from the release of energy that day, obviously I needed it. I picked myself up and started having some fun, in my practice, at home, just anytime I needed pick me up. Life is to short to waste it in worry and anguish, the moment you start laughing is when things start to turn around.
One week later, I am told my energy has totally changed. There are still many things that are unsure in my life, but I am laughing everyday. Dealing with the hard stuff, now seems to be just a little bit easier. When I am having an off moment , I remember to “take care of myself first”, this allows me to take some time to myself and realign my priorities. Does not mean I don’t have to stop being the caring person I am, it allows me to be better at helping others. If I could tell anyone going through a rough patch, remember to take time for yourself, and laugh once a day, find your inner child, the rest will follow.




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